Possible bug for DS24 firmware: SM to SP, P9, P10 wrong physical switch ID

04 Mär 2018 17:35 #1 von Cycross
I think I might have discovered an error on the DS-24 in the sequential Identification of Switches SM, SN, SO and SP, and also sliders P9 and P10. This is accessed via the Sticks/Switches setup Menu under Advanced Properties. All these physical switches locations are on the backplate.

Basically the "SM" switch identified on the software is actually at SN's location as marked on the radio, SO is SP's, and P9 is P10's.
Appears that the sequence has been mirrored and not true to the switch marking on the radio itself.

Can anyone else help to verify if this is the same behaviour on theirs?

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04 Mär 2018 20:13 - 04 Mär 2018 20:14 #2 von ClausT
It has been reported once before, but doesn't seem to be a general problem!?


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12 Mär 2018 15:50 #3 von Cycross
Seems like I got a defective backplate, according to Zb of Esprit. He told me it's hardware, not software, and to write to my dealer.

I since wrote to both Jeti and dealer Schweighofer.at on email but didn't get any resply yet. :( I wonder why they don't respond.

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20 Mär 2018 16:03 #4 von Cycross
Updating this and share my experience as closure.

Since my outreach to both Schweighofer.at and Jeti, both eventually got back to me. I do feel perhaps different regions have different work culture. Over where I am, people are glued to their emails, so expecting almost a daily turnaround response is anticipated. Likely not so in Europe?

Schweighofer came back to me first, offered to intervene on my behalf by sending the whole radio back to them in order for them to make a complaint. Jeti came back later on, luckily for me (and I believe Schweighofer might have already alerted them too), understood my concerns on shipping stuff back and forth. Long story short, Jeti sent me a firmware patch which ran off the humble Jeti USB adaptor and patched my backplate.

As simple as that, the revised firmware fixed the problem!

Once again, I am thankful for Jeti and Schweighofer to have both responded, and for Jeti to devise a firmware breakfix like that.
Makes me feel confident and happy again to be an owner of this brand, knowing that they do listen and address issues.
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20 Mär 2018 16:42 - 20 Mär 2018 16:44 #5 von PW

thanks for info.

I had this issue also at the prototyp DS-24; backplate must be updated and I got this procedure from Jeti (backplate software).

Good that you are happy now; and good to see the Jeti/Schweighofer reacts fast to solve your problem.

I think it was a Jeti problem; sending a TX with not actuell backplate software.

But have fun now !


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