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A1/A2 Q alarm

04 Nov 2016 23:22 #1 von natxopedreira

I have been flying a full carbon xplorer with a R9 EX receiver, and of course the antennas are outside and in V shape.

I see in the radio that the default value for A1/A2 alarm its 1 and Q its 50, in my logs i see that sometimes A1/A2 drops to 3 and want to know if i might be worried about that, and also if the values are linear or exponential like rssi, and if the default value 1 its ok or too low.

I assume that the drop to 3 its caused while turning in a thermal and the antenna its shadowed. Also note that Q value its allways full


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05 Nov 2016 07:29 #2 von PW

I would see no problem. Do you get "alarm week signal" (be default level 1 with Q1/2 as you said" ?


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05 Nov 2016 12:19 #3 von natxopedreira
No i dint hear any alarm, minimum value of A1/A2 i see on logs was 3. Those alarms are enabled always correct?

Just curiosity to understand how this measurement works

I come from a rc system that use rssi measurement and that value its not linear. I mean that if i fly to 300m and get a value of rssi 50 it will not drop to 0 at 600m i can go much further to hit even 30 rssi because the rssi measure its not linear decreasing. I would like to know if in jeti that A1/A2 measurement works equal, so if i hear the "weak signal alarm (A1 or A2 hit value = 1)" i still have distance or its very near the point where i will get 0.

Thanks for your response, my english its not very good so hope you understand what im trying to explain

Im very happy with my Jeti :) :) :)

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