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Ditex 0807W do not want start working time to time

02 Feb 2018 18:19 #7 von HSC
Good day everyone :) !

Wee I have send servos too Hacker and the thing went exstremly well !

They make tests both servos wich have a bit strange behaviour...

Also they did not find anything strange on them, soo obiously the "not referencig" has something too doo with owerheating, if there is plenty of load on the servo...

And now the best part :

I recived the package back in less than one week ( wich is exstremly fast )....

And they send mee 2 brand new servos too avoid any chanse too something goo wrong in future...

Soo in this case I must say 1A service from Hacker and with no doubt i will buy more of those Ditex for next projects...

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02 Feb 2018 18:28 #8 von PW

that is PERFECT service !!


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23 Apr 2018 11:38 #9 von HSC
Hello ! It is mee again...

Now I have finaly find some time too instal reaplacement Ditex 0807 in too airplane ...

Well unfortunatly I have the same problems like I have before replacment.....servo intialisatig, referencing on aileron 4...

This plane have 12 ditex servos inside and only 1 causing problems.... !

Even problem seems too bee a bit worst ( now I can reproduce problem every 10 time I swich on the CB200 with RC swich )....

There is definatly no overheating present in this case...

Soo I have thing there must bee something wrong with CB200 ( with particular servo output 5 for aileronNo..4)

I swich the otputs on CB200 betveen 2 and 5 and the same problem on aileron No..4, no luck soo far...

Lately I have replace the servo with X10 KST and everything seems too work just fine

Soo all the tandences show baad servo, but it cant bee it is brand new ( replacment ).....

My guesing is followed :

This particular ail 4 servo needs stronger input of signal for referencing and CB 200 combinated with rc swich just doo not provide enough pulse
Maybe one thing if I unplug servocable from CB 200 and pluge in again it start working imidiantly...

Soo I em a bit lost what too doo In this case, soo If anybodey have some idea please shear it.....

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23 Apr 2018 13:09 #10 von WalterL
Did you program the Servo with Ditex Manager? What kind of failsafe are you using for the 0807W? You can try a specific servo-failsafe to check for a valid signal when connected to the CB200. Did you update the CB200 with the actual firmware? (I recently bought a new CB200 and was a little bit surprised that the firmware was outdated).

I never had this problem with my CB200/Ditex system (wing with 10 Ditex Servos).

Regards, Walter

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23 Apr 2018 22:02 #11 von HSC
Yes I did servo reverse in Ditex manager...
Firmware last on Ditex also last on CB 200...
Failsafe is on all chanels set too hold ( but I have totally death servo noo sign of life)
Today I have replace Cb 200 with new one , the same problem show out in 7 ciclus swich on...
Realy have no clue what is going on...

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23 Apr 2018 23:22 #12 von FuniCapi
You wrote that the problems occure on the outmost aileron servo (aileron 4). Maybe there is a problem with the lenght of the cable. Or the wire cross section is too small.

Especially when there is a lot of current flowing through the ground wire the signal voltage decreases by the voltage drop along the wire which may lead to a bad servo signal.
The same thing happend to the first version of Hitecs HS7954SH.
The solution was to use thick servo cables and high quality connectors.

You can test the cable issue by connecting the servo directly to the CB200 (no servo extension cable). When the servo initalizes properly you know that there is a problem with the cable/connectors.


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